Our Value Proposition

Our experts enhance, add, and give you needed support on demand.

Our challenge to you

Think of one technical task, that you need done yesterday... No matter how small or big.
Then, let us know what it is. We'll make it happen.

Enable your tech team to do more

Think of us as an on-demand development team to parallelize your workflow with your existing team. Time to market matters. We can help you get to market or meet a deadline faster.

Offload non critical development tasks to our team

Why have your core development team working on anything other than your primary product? Too often, we see core developers working on utility appliccations, data migrations, system admin work, QA, or even technical documentation. Our team can fill in many gaps so that we can work in parallel to cut your delivery time tremendously.

Are you dealing with a crisis? Hacker Attack? Upcoming Deadline? Malware Outbreak?

When a crisis hits, it's going to be a long week for the entire team. Basically a lot of late nights and working through the weekends to get some mission critical stuff back online. It's during those times you wish you had some extra help so maybe you can get things back to normal a little faster. You imagine an expert team that knows exactly what needs to be done and is mostly self directed and gets the job done. That's exactly what our team does in crisis mode. We work with you to come up with a plan, and execute it seamlessly, working as late as necessary to fix your problems.

We're just one call away. We can be on your computer and network, working remotely or in person with your team, and helping your team immediately.

Strategic use of Technology to grow your Business

One of the unique aspects of BitFortress is our ability to help businesses grow. Most people look at technology as an expense, but it doesn't have to be that way. BitFortress can help you to build new revenue streams and to monetize hidden assets.