Our Services

Our technology team is ready to go to work for you. Here are some of the areas we are working with our clients today.

Software Development

Our team has decades of experience building complex applications and integrating many different systems. Even if you have a core development team, we can help with other priorities such as QA, Build Systems, Support Infrastructure, Utility applications, Bug tracking, and Mobile apps. We can improve your development efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Let us show you how.

On Demand / Custom Development

Our technology team is highly experienced and can hit the ground running from Day 1. Our business allows you to dynamically expand your team when you need to meet a deadline. We will work with you to divide the work cleanly and allow your team to be more productive without interfering with your existing team workload. Most times, when a new developer is hired, there is a tremendous ramp-up time. Often, new hires can cause more burdens and work load on existing team members while they get up to speed.

Our On-Demand development model skips all of the ramp-up time and puts no additional burden on your team. Our team is already trained, has all the existing infrastructure needed to work, and works independently from your team till the deliverable is ready. If you have a project you need done and you don't have a development team available, we are happy to build what you need. We have partners in the marketing, design, and advertising industries so we can provide a complete full-service solution. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we'll get started right away. Some of the technology we specialize in: C/C++/Assembler, Node.js, Performance Optimization, Securing server and web applications, Machine Learning, GPU assisted data processing, Distributed Computing, Big Data (Conversions, Search, Classification, Storage), Encryption, and much more.

Outsourced QA / Deployment / Technical Documentation / Build System

Most development teams utilize their best developers for coding, which often leads to sub-par quality assurance (QA) in software development. However, our view is that high quality software testing leads to high quality software. By utilizing BitFortress, we can help you to put high quality engineers with real-world experience in QA to review / analyze code for potential security problems, bugs, or technical documentation. Often, this role falls to a lead developer or even the CTO, cutting into the teams productivity dramatically. By utilizing us, we instantly dramatically grow your teams leadership capacity and development speed. In addition to the best QA your team has ever experienced, our team can simultaneously do technical documentation, optimize build processes, setup automated tests, enhance deployment scripts, and fix the toughest linking issues. We have plenty of experience in cross platform builds on 32/64 bit OS's, and compiler farms. We guarantee you will experience a dramatic increase in your team productivity. All while your team seamlessly works as usual. Worried about the security and confidentiality of your code? We are a security company. We utilize the best industry practices to lock down servers, secure messages, and high employees with the highest ethics, some with top security clearances with the government. Your code has never been in safer hands.

Tech Hire Assessment Services

Thinking about making a new tech hire? Let us help with doing full background checks, technical interviews, and personality assessments. We have decades of hiring expertise ready to go to work for you so you can find the very best talent for your dollar. Most firms use a standardized test to assess technical capability, but we have found it to be highly inaccurate and a poor guide to whether or not a candidate will be productive. Standardized tests do not test practical knowledge, but instead focus on knowledge that is rarely used in real world projects. They do nothing to actually get a sense of what a candidate actually knows.
The only way to accurately gauge technical skill is by bringing an expert to ask detailed questions and probing based on their answers to see if there actually is depth to what the candidate is discussing. Our technical interviews start as low as $200, background checks start at $350.

Machine Learning / AI

Building neural nets is the future of solving complex data problems. Our team has in house expertise using machine learning techniques for image recognition, dna processing, financial trading, video analysis, data mining, and much more. Our goal is to bring our cutting edge machine learning techniques to give your company a game-changing competitive edge. Reinforcement algorithm that utilize gpu-assisted servers enable computers to "learn like a human" in record speed. Over the next few years, it will completely revolutionize hundreds of industries and sectors.

High Scale, distributed server systems

Building low-latency, high scale servers is very hard work. Most companies end up spending more on hosting and buying equipment because that is the quickest way to solve problems, but usually it's only a temporary fix. More servers eventually has limits if the platform is not optimized for scale. Our team has plenty of experience building highly secure, scalable foundations for your applications that will often improve your capacity by 10-20x with the same hardware. Some of the things we've done for clients include custom linux distro's with optimized tcp stacks and kernel-tuning, automatic load distribution systems, and clustered windows/linux configurations.

IT Security

Here are some of the ways that we help companies with their IT Security.

Independant 3rd party security assessment of critical infrastructure

Most companies believes their cyber security is good enough, but the damage that can come from hackers and data breaches can be devestating to a companies reputation or customer base. One of the core benefits of having a 3rd party assessment from BitFortress is the ability to have a 3rd party validate your processes and show the stakeholders that your team was doing the right things in the case of a breach. We will find and disclose all potential vulnerabilities and offer solutions so that there isn't more work for your already burdened staff.

Social Engineering Staff Training

The best online security in the world won't help if the gatekeepers can be coerced or manipulated to provide access to the system or network. Social Engineering attacks can be surprisingly effective even against the biggest organizations. Our team trains your gatekeepers how to respond to common methods hackers use to gain entry to a system.

Emergency Services

Hit by a virus? Need an extra hand to deal with recovering from a drive failure? Need to meet a critical deadline? We've been there and we know those late nights can be grueling. Let us give you an extra helping hand when you need it. If you or your team are working late to deal with a critical situation, we can offer expert help to get you over the finish line faster. Just give us a call and let us know what you're dealing with.

Upgrade / Patch Management

Automatic Patch Management can be very risky for large organizations. A bad patch can lead to unstable workstations and servers or even unintended changes to software configurations which confuse users and administrators. Our goal is to prevent thousands of workstations or servers from becoming unstable from a bad patch BEFORE it happens. We vet and test patches on various hardware and software configurations to ensure smooth operation of all infrastructure. By having experts analyze and test patches before major rollouts, we can ensure that your infrastructure stays problem free.

Intrusion Detection / Systems monitoring, alerts, hack activity signaling and early detection

Our proprietary monitoring system enables us to detect malware, hack attacks, overloaded computers, and more in your network. Starting at $4 per device a month, you can have peace of mind knowing that your systems are safe and monitored by security experts 24/7. Let us monitor your systems for hack activity and when a threat strikes, it's all hands on deck. We can provide valuable resources on demand to help limit the damage and assess whether there are backdoors installed.

AWS / Azure Optimization / Migrations

With Amazon and Azure, every cpu cycle, data packet, and disk read costs money. We can reduce your AWS costs dramatically. We look for opportunities throughout the entire server to cut costs and we have an automated tool which calculates savings every month. And we can do it with no upfront cost to you. We simply take a percentage of the savings each month. Every month, you'll see savings on your AWS deployments. So, what are you waiting for? It's practically like getting free money.

Hardware/Software Requisition and Leasing

Did you know you can save money on capital purchases on hardware/software through leasing? We offer incredible lease terms on all kinds of IT purchases. We offer custom servers to spec that exceed your expectations for a fraction of the price of ibm/hp servers. And all of our servers come with on-site repair and service level guarantees that no other provider can offer.

Business Continuity Insurance

Is your company prepared for a critical server failure? Even if you think you are, we can validate your backup and recovery to ensure that your critical infrastructure is protected. The worst situation is to find out after a virus or malware completely disrupts your network. We assess your backup/recovery and for a small fee we can offer business continuity insurance on critical infrastructure. We'll mirror and backup everything and if disaster strikes, we'll come in with replacement servers with up to date data. Even if all your equipment is completely destroyed, we can have you back up within 24 hours in most cases.

Cloud Migration Services

Are you looking to migrate servers to AWS/Azure/Google? Or to migrate servers out of AWS/Azure/Google? Let us do the work for you. We have expertise moving in and out of cloud services. It can feel like vendor lock-in when migrating data is so much work. Because it can be intimidating to move a lot of servers, often most companies settle and stay where you are, eating expensive costs every month. Let us free you from the shackles so you can move your systems to whatever makes sense for your business.

Virtual CIO Services

Our virtual CIO service enables you to have a CIO today for a fraction of the cost of a traditional CIO. You get the strategic guidance, the technical capabilities, and the change management skills necessary for your company to thrive. And even if you have a CIO or are a CIO, your company can utilize us to help with existing CIO duties. Some of the ways our virtual CIO can help includes process management documentation and protocols, technology advisement or implementations, vendor management, and industry-specific strategic planning.

VMWare Virtualization

We have experience building optimized virtualization environments for high load systems. Move your servers to virtualized environments so that you can leverage higher server utilization. VMWare allows companies to backup easier, setup checkpoints, restore to clean states, and clone machines easier. In fact, we love it so much that we recommend it for most server applications.

IP Based Telephony

If you are using a traditional phone system, you need to call us today. And even if you are using an IP based phone system, very often, we can cut costs by as much as 40% from what you are paying today. We have expertise in tying phone systems to salesforce, customer support systems, and ivr systems.

Data Management

Data syncing

When you are dealing with a lot of different systems, very often data is locked into silos that don't talk to each other. BitFortress works to synchonize data so that you can have a unified view of many separate systems. Syncing allows separate systems to talk to each other, enabling the organization to work more productively.

Data Dashboards

What good is having a bunch of data servers if you can't see the information on a regular basis? Our software searches, processes, and classifies your data and provides a unified view so that you can see what's going on in your company any time you want. You can see how many orders the website has processed each day, or how many customer service calls were rated good/bad, what your inventory is, how much profit you are making from a given project, or any number of business metrics. When you have a metric you can measure, you can take steps to improve it. We can build a dynamic web-based dashboard that is specific to your business. Tell us what you want to track, and we will add it to your dashboard.

Custom Data entry

If your company does a lot of data entry, you've probably wished that there was an easier way to do the input. Maybe something with keyboard shortcuts, or autofill, or even touch capabilities. We can build you a custom data input system that is optimized for your workflow. Let us show you how to improve your data input productivity by 2-5x.

Data Migration/Conversions

Companies have more and more data and moving, converting, and cleaning that data is a monumental task. Traditional tools simply don't work. They aren't flexible enough, too slow, or require multiple passes over the data. That's why we've built a C++ based toolkit that can simulateously process and move data. Our plug in architecture lets us do ultra-fast de-duping and data hygiene to ensure the highest quality final database.

Electronic Discovery

Our work at Athena Archiver helped us to develop expertise in electronic discovery. We can provide full chain of custody, indexed searches on large datasets, and pre-sorting based on concepts or keywords. We utilize AI and natural language processing so you can determine your risk level and exposure quickly and easily.

Data Mining / Classification

BitFortress has specialized experience in extracting and mining data from huge data sets. We have technology that can index and classify just about any type of data, enabling us to give you business intelligence that no one else can. Our indexing systems are custom built and can be modified to be used for any file format. Let us show you how to unlock your data.